Products of the Year: 2012 Edition

I tried quite a few products this year, only a few were real misses. Some were more of a hit than others. So here goes, these are my favorite products of the year!

Best Curl Definer: Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk ran a close second, but then they went and changed the formula for that. So for now, and I’m thinking for always at this point, Mixed Chicks Leave-In remains my favorite product for curl definition.

Best Shampoo or Conditioner: As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

This product and this product alone made me believe in the power of not using shampoo. I still shampoo and condition in the traditional way, but I’m more open to cowashing and going suds-less due to this product. It really does revive my scalp and is good at removing any product build-up that exists. I recommend it to everyone.



Best twist on an old-school hair product: My Honey Child Sophia’s Old Fashioned Hair Grease

From the mango scent to the gritty texture, this is not your grandmother’s (or even your 5-year-old self’s) hair grease. Change is good though and that old adage is put on display with this product. This transformed the way I do at-home press and curls. I’ve gotten so many compliments after using it. It is lighter than regular hair grease and the smell just makes it delightful to use. I tried this and the Caribbean Hair Creme from the My Honey Child product line, and am fairly pleased with both.



Best Curl Hydrator: Lush R&B

I love this stuff. It is smooth, silky, and at $20 a pop, expensive. So you know me! I wanted to see if I could replace it with something more wallet-friendly. In steps the My Honey Child Caribbean Hair Creme. The MYC creme is the thickness. In fact, probably too thick for my hair. So I plan to use it up and then go back to the R&B. I am sure that for someone with thicker, more coarse hair, the MYC product would be amazing. For me though, it definitely moisturizes but I find it very thick and a little too greasy. So I will be returning to Lush R&B in 2013. The stuff is expensive for the amount you get, but honestly, it is probably the best $20 I spent in 2012.


Best Curl Revitalizer: Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch

Honestly, this has a place in my heart like the Mixed Chicks Leave-In does. It has a permanent place in my products basket. This extends a wash and go for days and makes curls just oh so lovely. It really does stretch out the longevity of your hair style. Unlike some curl activators or revitalizers, it does not flake or leave any build-up. This is another product I’m always singing the praises of, and why not? It continues to be good to me.

Best for Styling Straight Hair: Mizani Iron Curl 

If you are like me, once you get your hair straightened you want it to last. Well, now it can. I picked up Mizani Iron Curl because I liked the directions on how to use it. Really? A product that you use on hair once it has been blown out and straightened to maintain the style. Oh yeah, I had to try it. I was not disappointed. First, a little goes a long way, so it is a good value. Second, the whole idea of the product and its function is something other companies should look into. This product keeps straight styles silky smooth and is a keeper in my routine for when I’m wearing my hair straight.


Best Detangler: Dove Nourishing Oil Hair Therapy Detangler

Dove pleases me consistently, whether it be with hair or body products. Initially I was not a huge fan of this product, then I got the hang of using a detangler and now it is part of my wash routine. It is so simple. Just shake, spritz throughout your wet hair, and comb through.



And now, the product of the year. Drum roll please …. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Renewing Treatment

For all of you who thought my product of the year would be some expensive product made and marketed exclusively to the Natural Hair crowd, SORRY. If you read regularly though, you shouldn’t be surprised by my choice. I use this to deep condition and it makes my hair pillowy soft. At about $6 for 8 ounces at Wal-Mart, it probably gives better products than something three times its prices. However, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t needed to try anything else. If I could, I’d give this to every person with hair out there!

Argan was a huge trend in 2012 and I expect it will continue into the new year.


Those are my products of 2012. Cheers to the New Year! Peace and hair grease.

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