Pineappling Revisited

Bloggers and natural hair experts are taking another look at the method of “pineappling.”

Pineappling is the practice of piling your hair in a loose updo on top of your head before going to bed. There are many opinions on best practices for taking care of hair as you sleep, but pineappling is a favorite among curly girls. In the morning you simply take your hair down, give it a shake, and go.

Critics of pineappling say it causes tangles and that sleeping with a hair elastic is not ideal. I, however, disagree with those who are totally against it. As with any approach to hair care, pineappling is not for everyone. If your hair is prone to tangling this is not the method for you. However, if you have curly hair that is less prone to tangling and that you do not wash every day, go for it.

Pineappling has served me well. Once I detangle after a few days of wearing fresh curls, I’ll sleep in two plaits instead of the “pineapple.” If you are prone to tangles, I highly suggest sleeping in plaits. I also recommend the plaits over pineappling for children. Kids sleep crazy sometimes and the plaits will stay put.

Bedtime hair.
Bedtime hair.





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