Mini MAC Haul

I love makeup and so naturally when I decided to treat myself to something for my upcoming birthday, I went with what I love.

First up on my list was acquire some new lipstick. A few weeks ago I saw the most beautiful lipstick on a MAC makeup artist that I follow on Instagram. The color was “Media.” I go to one MAC store and it was sold out. Nooo. So a few days pass and I go to Nordstrom and bingo! My beautiful “Media” lipstick is in stock. But what is this? There is also this glorious berry color by the name of New York Apple. Don’t mind if I do purchase that too.

Also on my list was replenishing my bronzer. I have been a faithful user of MAC’s “Refined Golden” bronzer since my freshman year of college. My status as a MAC stans has not changed since then and my loyalty to this bronzer has not either.

MAC haul

I definitely do not use the bronzer every day, but it always on my face when going out. For everyday use I often turn to the baked-to-last bronzer from The Body Shop, which is a lot more affordable.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG I bought the exact same bronzer today! :}
    And posted a MAC Haul about it. LOL

  2. cutiepiepink says:

    Just looked at yours and what a coincidence! I love this bronzer though! My favorite makeup is from MAC and NARS.

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