Why did you ever relax your hair?

I got my hair straightened this past weekend and was asked promptly by my stylist, “Why did you ever get relaxers?” Then I went out Saturday night and was asked the same thing by a friend.

Why? Why? Why?

Well, I never said, “Hey mom, I want to get a relaxer.” I liked wearing my hair “down” way before it was ever relaxed. But then as I entered middle school I guess my mother was getting tired of struggling with my long, thick, curly hair. She’d fought the good fight and now it was time for me to get on the creamy crack. I stayed on it until I was 24.

Why so long? I never did, and still don’t, view relaxers as a bad thing. Most of the ladies in my family used it as a method to tame their hair, not as some way of trying to conform to a European standard of beauty. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it forever, “It ain’t that deep.” If you have curly hair and get relaxers, your hair is still curly. I wore wash and go’s with relaxers in my hair. The difference between then and now? There is barely any. The curls were only slightly looser with the relaxer.

So whenever I am ask why I ever had a relaxer, I tell them that my mom took me to get one. Hey, it is true.

Even now I like my hair straight, just as I like to wear it curly. No one wants to do any one style for too long, so why not play with the straighter textures sometimes? Here is a picture of me at Seasons 52 (an excellent eatery) enjoying good company, good food, and good hair.


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