Celebrating…Black Love

I found these gems online recently, and just had to share.

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were obviously meant for each other. Here is a great picture of them when they were younger.


Denzel and Pauletta Washington.  Denzel loves that woman, and he should. So cute.


Mr. and Mrs. Carter. I love Bey and Jay. And why wouldn’t I? They dated, got married, had a baby. In that order! A miracle these days and I applaud them for it.


Last but not least I must shout out the President of the United States and the baddest chick in the land, Mrs. Michelle Obama y’all. This picture sums it up for me. Michelle Obama was one bad lady before she ever became First Lady and she knew it and owned it then just as she knows it and owns it now. She also saw the greatness in her husband long before he ran for POTUS. They’re each other’s biggest fans and supporters and to that I say applaud on Obamas. That is how it should be.


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