Live from Social Media Week

Whelp, it is the last day of Social Media Week in DC, and some other places around the country and world. But I am in DC. I did not get to attend events throughout the week – unfortunately. But I’m taking in the last part of the last day. There’s always room on the bandwagon.

It is cold and freezing rain, so I decided to rock the top knot today. Yes, it is my go-to. Accept it.


I ended up changing the earrings before I left the house, but I did wear the matching bracelet. Something about the idea of Social Media Week is so fresh, so clean, so young! And I love the W in the nation’s capital, so I’ll take the good way to end the week.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I was hoping you could share some of the things you learned!

  2. cutiepiepink says:

    I am working on a post now about the session. This was just a quick post from the lobby.

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