To Shingle or Not to Shingle?

Shingling. What is it?

Shingling is simply the process of putting applying product to wet hair, combing it through from root to tip, and then using a blow dryer to elongate the curls you have created.

Miss Jessie’s has trade market the term and claims to be the inventor of shingling. When shingling, you can either sit under a hooded dryer or allow the hair to dry naturally and then use a blow dryer to elongate. This method claims to make everything except “z-curls” or zig zag curls stretch out.

I have tried shingling before and the results were fine. If you have the time do it, give it a try to see if the method works for you.

Here is how I did it:

What you will need:

* Miss Jessie’s Curly pudding (or any other kind of heavy styling cream/curl definer)

* wide tooth comb

* blow dryer with air concentrator attachment

What you do:

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Apply a generous portion of the product by section throughout your hair
  3. Comb the product through the hair (do this with hair divided into four sections)
  4. Let hair air dry
  5. Stretching out the root of your hair with your fingers, apply heat to that portion of the hair only
  6. Go out and enjoy your hair

Still don’t get it? Here is a demo:

This was the result of my shingling


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