Protective Styling for Finer Hair

Just as I had to finally vow not to waste money on getting my hair straightened during the summer, I have also learned not to waste it on protective styling.

Shocking, I know. As a natural or curly girl we are taught that protective styling is where it is at. Some of our natural sisters spend more time with their hair up and under than down and out. I can hardly blame them, I’d love to have a protective style that lasted for weeks or months. But since going natural I have learned that is just not happening.

I always thought my hair was pretty thick, but have learned over the last year or so that an abundance of hair does not equal thick hair. Yes, I have a lot of hair, but each strand is actually rather fine. It sheds all the time everywhere, always has. So what are the protective styling methods I look to? Step into my protective world.

Top Knots and buns: These are staying for a day tops, but that is okay, you can always redo them for the next day. Top knots and buns protect your ends, which are ultimately what you are trying to protect with protective styles. Buns and top knots are more versatile than you may think. Do not be afraid to play with placement and texture.

Cornrows: If you have fine hair and want a protective style that will last, opt for cornrows instead of flat or two-strand twists.

Braids: Goddess braids and individual braids could work well. Protective styles where your ends are left to fend for themselves, such as some flat twists styles, may not work for use fine-haired women, but braids could if they are done properly and sealed to perfection.

Natural Hair Updos: Get creative with your curls and kinks when putting them all up on top of your head. I have done everything from french rolls and plaits to pony tails. My favorite at the moment though is the more sophisticated falling curls though. I did it earlier this week and it turned out pretty good.

Side view
Side view

Updo curls forward

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