Lessons Learned from Little Girls (and their hair talk)

Yesterday I heard a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old discussing with each other just how beautiful the other’s hair was.

The 2-year-old was rocking some pretty fierce afro puffs. One on top, two in the back. The 3-year-old was wearing braids with wooden and black plastic beads on the ends. Both girls were gorgeous and seeing them appreciate the beauty in each other was amazing. After discussing hair, they then decided to walk hand in hand from the classroom where they intensely watched Vegetales at church.

As all of this went down, I could not help but to think what happens between the age of 3 and 30 to women. What fuels two 13-year-olds to argue and shun each other instead of seeing the beauty in each other? What prompts a 21-year-old to forsake girlfriends for boyfriends? And what makes single women over 25 forget that there are other bonds worth having and nurturing than those with a potential mate?

Little girls grow into big girls. Innocence is inevitably lost. Times change. People grow. But what if hair is a thread could hold us all together? If you start by acknowledging the physical beauty of someone, you may just be able to go further and recognize the beautiful nature of that person. Not so beautiful nature? There is some good there, somewhere. Look for it and embrace it.

If you can’t even imagine it, look at how little girls interact. Always fascinated with each other. Best friends, they face the unknown together. They talk as if they may never talk again. They laugh and when one cries the others immediately ask “What’s wrong?” You were once like that. Now the question is what changed, and how do you get back to being a sister girl – always sharing and caring? I believe it can be done and charge all of us (including myself) to try.

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