Tips for Natural Girls Who’ve Thought About Going Back

Being naturally you is some really hard work. Some days you will want to give up. You might have already given up and this is your second or third time attempting to go natural. If that’s the case, you are not alone.

Today I had a college student tell me jokingly that she was “about to get a relaxer” because her attempts at twist outs and other natural hair methods just were not working. My advice? Don’t give up! Keep going! Persevere!

Do I ever lie to you Hair Say followers? Nope. I give it to you straight and will continue to do so. My two best tips for working through tough days in your journey to happiness with natural hair are below:

  • Do what is right for YOU. What works for me will not work for you. What works for you probably will not work for me. Everyone’s hair is so different that it is impossible to replicate someone else’s hair regimen. Instead, you must establish your own regimen and refine it. Remember, your regimen is not set in stone and you can change it any time. I have found that as my hair grows it is constantly changing. 
  • Test drive new styles. Just as you try on clothes before buying them, you should try out new hair styles well in advance of actually wearing them out. If you have want to wear a new hair style for an event, try it out well in advance. This applies to styles you are trying yourself and those that you want to go to the salon for. This combats any chance of you having a crisis the day of the event.

With that said, I’m not going to lie. I do not believe being natural is for everyone. Can natural women have damaged hair? Absolutely. So if you are not at a point where you are ready to commit to working toward and maintaining HEALTHY, natural hair, just do not go natural yet.

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