Oh, you mad? The Marketing of Miss Jessie’s

People will always have something to complain about, it is inevitable. Lately I have heard some complaints about how the marketing for Miss Jessie’s products focuses on curl definition. Ok, so what’s the problem?

Both Miss Jessie’s and the Mixed Chicks line of products were created with the multiracial woman or women with curly hair in mind. Miss Jessie’s consistently makes the “Best of” lists in magazines such as Allure and Glamour. Do you think only black women are product testing for these publications? No.

The creators of Miss Jessie’s are Miko and Titi Branch, two sisters whose father was African-American and mother was Japanese American. Marketing for the product line focuses on curl definition because that is what they inevitably needed. It’s not racist or some conspiracy theory to make everyone want defined curls.

It is true. If you do not have curly hair, some Miss Jessie’s styling products – the Quick Curls, Pillow Soft Curls, Curly Pudding and Curly Meringue – probably are not the best products for you. However, you may find that other products such as the CurlyButterCreme or deep conditioning treatments and shampoos do.

Or you could realize that hair products are just like anything else in life – all different and not all for you. Use what is right for your hair and hair regimen and stop slandering the marketing of products that do not fit in that category.

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