Comparison Shopping: Which Beauty Store Has the Best Rewards Program?

Ulta has rewards for you. At Sephora you’re a beauty insider. At Sally’s you’re a member of the beauty club.

All three stores have rewards systems and perks for members who sign up for their programs, but how they stack up against each other? I thought it was high time to do some comparing.

Let’s look at Sally’s first since I was there just yesterday to renew my Beauty Club Card. Sally’s is the only out of the three that charges a fee to join. The initial fee is $5 and then you must pay each year to review, so the chain does get points taken away for that. The renewal fee is $5 and if you renew during the month your card expires you receive a free Silk Elements or Ion product valued up to $7.99.

Every month you spend a total of $25 before taxes, Sally’s emails you a reward to save 15% on your entire purchase the next month.

Qualifying purchases are cumulative within each calendar month. To receive your 15% rewards you must have a valid e-mail address associated with your card account.

Not that great of a deal. The real deal at Sally’s are the discounts they have on products that you can only get with your card. But that’s it. So Sally’s rewards gets a “B-” from me.

A better deal might be the Sephora Beauty Insider program. With this program, Sephora gives you one point for every dollar you spend. Those points add up so that you can receive certain products. If you want makeup more than hair products, this is a better rewards system than the one at Sally’s.

Now to my favorite rewards program – Ulta Rewards! Like Sephora, Ulta gives members 1 point per $1 spent online or in store. However, those points do not go toward products they add up as cash money baby! (See below).  I have seriously went into Ulta and using points and coupons paid only $4 for purchases worth more. That’s why this is my favorite program.

Redemption Level


100 points $3.00 off
250 points $8.00 off
500 points $17.50 off
750 points $30.00 off
1,000 points $50.00 off
2,000 points $125.00 off

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  1. Wow, wish we had an Ulta here in Canada. My favorite is Shoppers Drug Mart, then Sephora. I just did a post on their 15% discount, come visit my blog if you have time 🙂

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