Product Review: Curls Unleashed Second Chance Curl Refresher

I was done with trying new products for refreshing curls. I’m pretty happy with my Mizani Moisture Stretch (as you know if you read this blog). But then a friend gave me Curls Unleashed Second Chance Curl Refresher for my birthday back in January. I kind of love it.

The Curls Unleashed line is especially made for natural hair. 

To use the curl refresher you have to first wet the hair – I did this with a spritz bottle – and then apply the product. Upon first pouring it out, you will notice that the product is pretty light and is somewhere between a liquid and a gel. It is not a cream. To use, simply wet hair and scrunch the product in.

These were the results.

This was second day hair with Curls Unleased Curl Refresher.
This was second day hair with Curls Unleashed Curl Refresher.
Third day hair with Curls Unleashed! LOVE this!

It left my curls feeling light and provided me with curly freedom all day long. I will definitely use this up and then who knows, I may purchase it myself.

Anything for great second-day, third-day, fourth-day, etc. hair. You can get on the Curls Unleashed bandwagon by visiting your local Sally’s.

Amazing product!
Amazing product!

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