Limited Pulls Plug on Plus Sizes

Eloquii, I barely knew you. Well, most barely knew you. You were only one after all.

That is right, after one year, The Limited is shuttering its plus-sized clothing line Eloquii. Will it be missed? Judging from other bloggers, yes. Apparently it was a hit with some. Others are scratching their heads and asking, “For real? Limited had a plus-sized line?” The larger sizes were sold online and in select Limited stores. After dismal sales, the company announced in early March that it would shutter the business, but there was some hope that someone would buy it.

Now, everything is on sale. And while I never bought anything previously, I did go and take advantage of the closing sale. When I get my purchases, I’ll be sure to let you know how they turned out.

Though I never purchased anything until now, Eloquii definitely filled a segment of the plus-sized clothing world that is often overlooked – business/office wear. This is especially true of dresses. While Lane Bryant does offer career wear in the form of suits, pants, and blouses, their dress stock is limited and a relatively good number of Lane Bryant stores do not stock the dresses you may see on the store’s website.

Torrid, which I do love, is a casual, trendy, younger store. No career wear there.

Avenue has some good stuff, but not everyone lives near an Avenue and ordering online can be tough for plus sizes.

If Eloquii was filling a niche, why did it fail? Poor marketing is probably to blame. The fact that so few women knew it even existed is telling. The lack of care that was given to branding is truly horrific, right down the name. There is nothing tying it to The Limited, which women of all sizes know for its career wear.

However, I am not totally surprised. Some of you may remember that at one point Limited Brands was a huge conglomerate that had stakes in Lane Bryant, Victoria’s Secret, Express, New York and Company, and numerous other stores. Then it sold off controlling shares.

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