Throwback Thursday: Remember this dude?

Over Mother’s Day weekend I watched “Life After” featuring Christopher Williams. Who is that you ask? You may know him as Nino Brow’s right hand man in the film, “New Jack City,” or you may know him as Stacy Dash’s baby dad, or you may know him as the first man ever accused of laying hands on Halle Berry in a violent manner.

So, what happened to him? Halle Berry and Puff Daddy happened to him. She ruined his personal life, while Puff Daddy pretty much screwed up any chance he had of breaking through and standing out among the other ripped, light skin R&B singers of the early ’90s. I’m not going to lie, the dude personified the idea of good hair, light skin. Women loved him for the 15 minutes that he was famous.

So this Thursday let us remember the Christopher Williams that most were introduced to on the New Jack City soundtrack. While “Dreamin” from that soundtrack was popular, if you’re like me the song you most remember from this guy is a little ditty called “Every Little Thing You Do.” Sharing both!

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