Thursday Wash and Go

Thursday Wash and Go

With the threat of power outages, I couldn’t take the risk and had to wash my hair this morning. Wash and go time!

* Washed and conditioned with Tresseme curl hydration shampoo and conditioner
* Detangled wet hair in shower
* Applied Mixed Chicks Leave-In to wet hair
* Applied Ouidad humidity gel
* Sealed ends with beeswax

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  1. shawnalexus says:

    Can you give me some information as to what beeswax does for the hair

    1. tashahairsay says:

      Really it is most useful as a styling agent to add shine and extra protection. It is most often used to strat and maintain dreads. All natural beeswax can also make hair stronger and thicker, which is why it is a good product to use when sealing ends and when maintaining dreads. You can also use it as a heat protectant.

      I usually use it just for sealing ends, but have used it to slick my hair back in an updo before too. It is less heavy than grease and lots of pomades, but still has holding power. A little goes a long way though and there will be some buildup if you use a lot of it, so use it sparingly if using to style updos.

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