A Natural Man

Ladies, how do we feel about natural men? And by natural men I mean those who sport longer hair in afros, twists, or dreads. Lately I’ve seen some very handsome natural men around the DMV area and as a self-proclaimed hater of long hair on men, I must say I am thinking of changing my mind.

However, for many women the question lingering is “What if his hair looks better than mine?” If it does, deal with it and appreciate the beauty of it. Heck, he might be able to give you some tips. To be honest, I do have a bit of a fantasy of being in a great relationship with a man rocking his natural hair in a great longer cut ala Chiwetel Ejiofor (moment of silence for his beauty please) or dreads that on the weekend are put haphazardly together in a messy bundle.

Chiwetel Ejiofor with his hair longer but still tapered and neatly groomed.
Chiwetel Ejiofor with his hair longer but still tapered and neatly groomed.

Why is it appealing? Sometimes a lady is just really on her power to the people and it is at those times that these hair styles are most appealing. If I’m saving the world, I’d like to think that ultimately it is with someone who understands and appreciates my struggles – including the hair woes. Plus, is there any black man more eloquent than Frederick Douglas? He was rocking some pretty tough natural hair.

Aside from the fantastical aspect of it, the growing number of men who are choosing to lock their hair or forego more closely cropped styles signals tha not only are black women becoming more comfortable with their natural beauty, but so are black men.

Somewhere along the way in America, black men started cutting off their “wooly” hair and wearing it short. Back in the day, some even chose to wear powdered wigs like their masters. Later black men decided to try the “conk” or chemical treatment to make their hair straighter or wavy. Sound familiar? Yep, relaxers for men. The “conk” was all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s. Everyone from Malcolm X to James Brown wore this hair style. Al Sharpton still wears it.

A picture of a young Malcolm X with chemically-altered hair.
A picture of a young Malcolm X with chemically altered hair.

Thankfully, the days of the conk are gone and I am excited about this change of course in hair care and style for black men. I say cheers to men and women for embracing the many textures and colors that God gave them.

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