Natural Hair Weddings: Just Do It

Are you a natural who is preparing to jump the broom? If so, please do not be afraid to jump it with your natural hair either blowing in the breeze or sitting regally upon your head in an organized frenzy of twists, braids, and knots.

The advantages of opting for showing off your natural hair on your wedding day are endless.

A huge advantage is that you can cut costs as far as hair care for that day. If you decide to wear your hair natural and do it yourself you are basically cutting out an entire line item from your wedding. Use that extra cash to get a massage or to buy your bridal party small, individual gifts to say, “Thanks for tolerating the bridezilla in me.”

If you opt for an updo, go simple and elegant or edgy and funky. There is no in between when it comes to the big day.

The options for side braids and twists, hair accessories, and flowers in your hair are endless. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your natural do is ready for your big day.

  1. Plan your hair based on the look and feel you are striving for as far as your entire look.
  2. Test drive styles you are considering weeks in advance of your wedding day.
  3. Don’t stress. Just as stress can impact your body, it will also impact your hair. Just don’t do it.
  4. Drink water. Let your glow come within.
  5. Have someone in charge of any hair accessory you have. Your sister. A maid of honor. Someone! So that in the hustle and bustle it is not the one thing that inevitably gets left behind.

For ideas on bridal hair, visit Hair Say’s Pinterest board focusing on styles for your wedding day.

Pinterest board: Natural Woman Wedding Hair

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