Doing good comes naturally: Macy’s “Shop for a Cause”

Here at Hair Say, we believe doing good comes naturally. Macy’s is one company that gives plenty of opportunities to do good throughout the year. One of the ways Macy’s helps the communities it is in is through its shopping passes program. In this program, Macy’s provides groups with shopping passes that the group can then sell. The passes allow those who purchase the to get a discount on purchases made at Macy’s.

Soles4Souls Inc., a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing, is partnering with Macy’s to invite customers to participate in the department store’s eighth annual national “Shop For A Cause” charity shopping event on August 24, 2013.

Customers can purchase shopping passes from Soles4Souls now.  Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” has helped raised more than $46 million for charities across the country since 2006.

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