DeAndre’s First Single Details Love for Crazy Women

“Her crazy, her crazy.”

This is the proclamation of 18-year-old American Idol alum DeAndre Brackensick on his first single, “Her Crazy.”

The song is an ode to crazy, freaky women everywhere with lyrics that I’d like to hope are mature beyond his 18 years.

The first verse? “A devil in disguise. She’s crazy I don’t mind. Eats all her men alive. But I like it, I like it. Her freak comes out at night. One sexy appetite. I’ll let her take a bit. But I like it.”

I’m sure that some would say his record company could have done better by him for a first single, but for an American Idol alum, I’ve got to say the single is not that bad. Plus, few come out singing straight up R&B right after American Idol, which is what he should be doing. So, I’m giving the pop song a chance and hoping for a more R&B vibe on the rest of the album.

His record company is obviously working on marketing him to a wider audience. A good sign is that his stage name is now simply “DeAndre,” with his last name being dropped. Wise decision. Another appeal to the masses? The girls in the video for “Her Crazy” are just as ambiguously ethnic as he is. For all who are wondering, his mom is black and his dad is white.

Then there is the hair. It’s all still there. With hair that curly, it really is all or nothing – as Justin Timberlake discovered early in the game. While Timberlake cut it all off, I’m doubting DeAndre will go that route anytime soon.

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