Product Review: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze

Time for a review of another one of the products from the Au Naturale line from Dark and Lovely. This time I decided to try the curl defining creme glaze. This sweet-smelling treat for your hair boasts ingredients such as mango oil and bamboo milk and purports to help achieve loose spirals and curls.

The directions on the jar are to use on damp hair and air dry or to diffuse to achieve more volume. Volume is my middle name so I went the diffuser route. The curls were indeed looser than when I use my regular products (Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner or Dove mousse). With that looseness came a price though. They were not as defined as they could have been and because they were so loose, second day curls were not as vibrant or bouncy.

I will probably find this most useful when I want to wash my hair and have the curls fall into looser ringlets for the next day. This is the second product I’ve tried from the Au Naturale line – the first being the sealing nectar (which I loved). While I am up in the air about whether or not I’d purchase the creme glaze again, after using the product I can easily see why it would be a good choice for some who are seeking to loosen up their curls and avoid the dreaded crunchy curls.

A product that lives up to its claims of looser curls.
A product that lives up to its claims of looser curls.

Pros of the product are definitely that it is pretty lightweight and easy to apply. There was no residue and does smell nice. Also, the jar is huge and a good value. The cons would have to be such a light hold. I will try this again and mix with my regular mousse though to see how that concoction works. The bottom line is that if you are looking for minimal hold, try this out. Another bottom line? The Au Naturale line seems to be pretty solid and I hope it remains successful.

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