For the Men: Flat Top Territory

For a year or two now the flat top, sometimes called a box cut, has been back in style. Talk about things you never thought you would see again once the 90s were over.

You would think that this style would be relegated to the younger set, say ages 12 – 18. Kids who long for the days of Tupac and “Boyz In the Hood” that they never really knew. Who never experienced East Coast/West Coast beef first hand. While that seems to be largely the case, it is not fully the case. Nope, there are definitely grown men over the age of 25 rocking the flat top.

Maybe the mid- to late-twenties set is the group that is most nostalgic for this hair cut. After all, 80s babies were just entering school in the 90s when the Fresh Prince and other superstars were wearing the hair cut.

Not all variations of the cut are bad. The best example of this that I can think of is rapper Kendrick Lamar. Lamar is often hailed as the best thing to happen to rap music in a while. Not hip hop, rap music. Let’s be clear on that. I do not disagree with this. His music takes me back to hot summer days in 1996.

His hair is generally faded on the sides and back with the top in a modified flat top. The update is that his hair is textured on top and not cut perfectly flat.

Kendrick Lamar's cool hair cut and at the bottom, a "flattopper."
Kendrick Lamar’s cool hair cut and at the bottom, a “flattopper.”

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