Bey Bash: Why Short-Haired Beyonce is Getting Some Nasty Looks

What a week in hair! First there is the news that Oprah is doing a hair issue of “O” and then seen flaunting some beautiful curls as she promoted her new movie The Butler all over your tv screen. Then there is this … Beyonce’s short hair cut.

First off, let me say that it is taking some convincing for me to believe this is not just another expensive wig. But alas, I’m a believer?

Either way, she revealed a new do yesterday and the world went crazy. Most of my coworkers, both male and female, not only disliked the cut but also proclaimed that it ages her and will draw attention to her “thunder thighs.”

Beyonce's new hair cut stirred up some serious hateration yesterday.
Beyonce’s new hair cut stirred up some serious hateration yesterday.

I, personally, don’t see much actually wrong with the haircut. No, it is not Rihanna chic, but Bey does not have the same facial structure that Rihanna does so a short cut will never look as goon on her – or most women for that matter – as it does on Rihanna. As for aging her, I’m not so sure it’s true. If anything, she just looks her age now. News flash, the straight weave gets tired after a while, no matter how young it is making you feel or how young you THINK it makes you look. There are plenty of women – including a few of Bravo’s real housewives – who should follow suit. As far as no longer hiding body flaws behind longer hair, no one really has a problem with Bey’s “thunder thighs.” Her real woman body is what real men’s dreams are made of. If you don’t believe me, ask any man who appreciates hugging some curves.

What I do suggest though for anyone in Beyonce’s shoes, is to tame the eyebrows. If you have a bold cut, bold color, and bold brows, your face could end up looking cartoonish. So trim the brows and fill in with a pencil if one you feel like they are not the look you are going for.

The only other issue I have with the cut is that it should probably be more tapered on the sides, but that could come eventually.

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