What if QBs were chosen for their beauty? I’m about to find out!

Football season is officially underway and the phenomenon that is Fantasy Football has also begun. While I’ve been asked to join leagues before, this is my first year doing so.

Beware of Pink Fury! Yep, my team’s name is Pink Fury. I want to change the name to Pretty Boys though. Why? Well, because to be honest I chose a few of the players on my team based on the fact that I love more than their skills on the gridiron. Yep, I chose some of my players (including my quarterbacks) based on their looks. So with only a great sense of what equates to handsome and two days of research I participated in my league’s draft.

First pick? Cam Newton. Second pick? Colin Kaepernick. Fine first drafts for a team if I do say so myself.

Other team members I chose for their handsome faces? Miles Austin (WR) and Osi Umenyiora (DL).

The rest of my players were chosen on merit and based on research I did. This is how the rest of my roster looks:

  • Bryce Brown (RB – PHI)
  • Eddie Lacy (RB – GB)
  • Jordy Nelson (WR – GB)
  • Roddy White (WR – ATL)
  • Brandon Myers (TE – NYG)
  • Mark Ingram (RB – NO)
  • Phil Dawson (K – SF)
  • New England Patriots (DEF)
  • NaVorro Bowman (LB – SF)
  • Eric Barry (DB – KC)

So good luck to me and proving my theory that pretty boys can be winners too. Miles Austin and Cam Newton, now they’re pretty handsome. Kaepernick on the other hand isn’t so much pretty as he is just magically delicious, or so I assume.

Happy fantasy football playing people! And to the haters who say they will be mad if I win because I picked some positions based on attractiveness, prepare to be mad. Let the games begin!

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