Fanasty Football Update: Even the Good Looking are Injured

Fantasy football. Heading into today’s games and finishing up week 4 I’ve won one week and lost two weeks. This week is a bye week for many of my top players – Cam Newton, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacey. So, I’m not expecting a lot, but I do intend to fight to the finish.

As you may recall, I chose many of my team members based on looks in an effort to prove that fantasy football actually has little to do with knowledge of the game and more to do with strategy and popularity of players – whether that popularity is based on the player doing a great job on the field or their looks and prowess off the field.

Sadly, my boo Miles Austin is out this week due to his wacked out hamstring. It’s nothing new, dude is always injured. However, he was doing well and I’m sad to see him sidelined this week. So now what? I was down one wide receiver already due to Jordy’s bye week. And Roddy White has been useless all season due to his ankle troubles. Now Austin is out too. I picked up Jerricho Cotchery in hopes of getting a few points from a wide receiver this week. Maybe he’ll show these pretty boys what’s up.

Until next time…

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