Safely Using Rubber Bands and Hair Elastics

At some point you will use hair ties or even rubber bands on your hair or your child’s hair. While not using such styling essentials is best, use of rubber bands, hair elastics, and hair bows/ties is often unavoidable.

When using hair elastics always use the ones that do not have a break in the elastic where it comes together with glue. Those cause friction which could lead to breakage.

Another tip is to be sure you are using ponytail holders that are big enough for your ponytail. Using a holder that is too small to hold all of your hair could lead to the holder breaking but could also put too much tension on the hair it is holding. Too much tension again could cause breakage but also lead to fly aways because all hair is not actually able to fit in the holder.

You can avoid these products completely by using hair pins more often. Hair pins do have their downfalls (snagging hair) but are much safer for putting buns up. I also discovered spin pins. They are amazing contraptions in a spiral shape that you can use instead of ordinary bobby pins.

I love these pins. They are extremely easy to use.
I love these pins. They are extremely easy to use.

To use them, just take one and screw it through your hair and then put in another in the opposite direction. The pins have to go in the opposite direction to ensure that hair is held on all sides. If you have thinner hair, you may be able to use just one of the pin twirls.

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