Everything that is Wrong with Rihanna’s ‘Pour it Up’ Video

Strip clubs and dollar bills
I still got more money
Patron shots. Can I get a refill?
I still got more money
Strippers goin’ up and down that pole
And I still got more money
Four o’clock and we ain’t going home
Cause I still got more money
Money make the world go round
I still got more money
Bands make your girl go down
I still got more money
Lot more where that came from
I still got more money
The look in yo eyes I know you want some
I still got more money

—- “Pour it Up” Rihanna

“Pout it Up” has been in rotation on radio stations for over a year now and this week Rihanna decided to release a video for it. Whichever way the ass drops, the hair falls also. That booty pops back and the long flowing or wavy locks follow. Well, if you watch Rihanna’s video that is the message at least.

I can let a lot pass. I can let a lot go. But I can’t let this video go. In a word, it is gross. While we are all aware as we sing along in the car that the song is about excess, this video takes that to another level on the edge of absurd. Maybe that was what she was going for, but I argue that she was going for a well thought out video putting strippers on display and instead ended up with a mockery of women everywhere. Entering the first shot dressed in a fur coat, short blonde wig, and super high heels, Rihanna looks every bit the cross between a 1940s madam and the thirstier late ’90s video chick. But she moves around the pole like an old pro. Never up and down it, she leaves that to the pros.

So what’s so gross? Well for one, the twerking, stripping, dancing, is done in water. Yep, big ole booties splashing around in water. Apparently the act of simply stripping was not sexual enough for Rihanna, she had to add some liquid to the mix.

The issue with Rihanna – and Miley Cyrus for that fact – is that they fail to realize when you try so hard to be sexy, there is nothing sexy at that point. Much like, yeah, you guessed it, a stripper. Strippers exist for fun. To look at. To maybe pay for some extra attention. But even then, that stripper is just a stripper. If you put 10 women like this in a row, you’d have ten faceless, nameless, objects for men to look at, play with, and then leave because at some point they’ve got to return to real life.

Younger girls today don’t seem to realize this though. Instead they seek that fleeting attention and run with it, moving from one bad situation to the next – being hypersexual and not much else. The coincidence is that while the strippers in Rihanna’s video and the twerkers in Miley’s video have long hair bouncing along with their booties, both Rihanna and Miley decided to chop their hair off and rock short hair. This seems to send the message that such women are for Rihanna and Miley’s pleasure and ego as much as they are for the pleasure of men. Just as their hypersexuality can control men, they believe it can control your teenage daughter too. And for the most part it does, they’ve got the record sales to prove it. So how do we change this? Don’t feed into their hype. Call it what it is – a gross display of them emulating what they have seen and endured in the entertainment industry for so long. Also, hold them and the people around them accountable. Rihanna is Jay-Z’s protegĂ© and name drops him in “Pour it Up.” If Blue Ivy and Beyonce are too good for the pole, keep your artist Rihanna off of it also.

Peep the video here:

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