The Myth of Mixed Hair

I read a lot of blogs and was disturbed today when as I got to Number 7 of a blogger’s list of “10 Reasons You Need a Curly Hair Specialist.”

The seventh reason listed was, “Your child is of mixed race and you have no idea what to do for their hair.” 

Okay, I will buy that. That is a valid reason for seeking out a stylist that specializes in curly hair. If you do not know how to work with the texture of your child’s hair, going to the salon and learning how to is the logical thing to do and will pay off as you learn from techniques that you see stylists using to fix your child’s hair.

Where the author of this blog post went wrong though is what she says next when she proclaims, “Let’s face it, mixed children are adorable.”

That’s right folks. Apparently if you have “mixed children” you are guaranteed to have adorable kids. And apparently they all have the same textured hair. We all know this is not true, so why does it come up so often – not only among African-Americans but among other groups just as much?

The ideal of “mixed hair” is soft, curly/wavy hair, with definite curl definition that grows and grows and grows and is easy to straighten. Think Mariah Carey.

However, the hair of people of mixed heritage ranges just as much as the hair of any other group of people. To not acknowledge this is to keep the old world order of paper bag tests and good hair alive and well. In 2013 I am under the assumption that we are trying to get over these hurdles and just be women who love their hair – regardless of how “mixed” it looks. And what about the interracial child that does not fit into this premeditated mold? That little girl could grow up with some serious issues. There are plenty of reasons to seek out stylists who specialize in curly hair, but the search for “mixed hair” should never be one.

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