Don’t believe the hype, it’s okay to brush your hair

I am definitely in catch-up mode this week with Hair Say. Yeah, “…it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…”

So what have I been doing? Working mainly. And dancing. And singing. But in-between all of that I found the time to purchase a new brush. You can close your mouth that you opened in amazement, yes, a brush. It was time for a new brush and as I looked through the aisle at Target I had plenty to choose from, but one caught my eye. My brush of choice was the Goody Thickfix Brush. The brush is made especially for thick hair and you will notice that the bristles are at a slant. This helps brush through tangles and makes straightening hair easier without using a round brush that can pull your hair out.

There is a common belief among naturals that they should not brush their hair. Ever. I call false on this teaching that often shows up in blogs and to which some stylists adhere. How do I brush my curls? I don’t. It is basically impossible. But I do brush my hair when wearing a blown out fro or when wearing it straight. Combing does not smooth hair enough, so brushing is necessary at these times.

I love my brush!
I love my brush!

Newsflash! The instructions to avoid brushing your hair apply to when it is in its naturally curly or kinky state, not when it is blown out or straightened. Obviously you do not want to try to comb through your hair curls – pulling at them and yanking your hair out.

If you’re in the market for a new brush, I highly recommend the Thickfix. I love it!

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