Do you wear your hair to work like that?

Do you wear your hair to work like that?

Today as I breezed into my afterwork activities another fellow black woman asked me the question, “Do you wear your hair to work like that?”

Why yes, yes I do.

My hair is curly. Sometimes it is more poofy than other times. How would you advise me to wear it? Straighten it every day? Up in a librarian bun?

I’m not mad at the person for asking, but it is shameful that the idea that natural hair is unprofessional and uncivilized still exists. My hair is versatile and I wear it many different ways, but I refuse to stifle it while I am at work. My hair is my thing, I do what I want to do with it. My curls are clean, frizz free and my hair is “done.” It’s just not relaxed and straight or up in a bun every day. I put my work attire on and strut my stuff daily…or at least three times a week. So don’t be scared of the fro at work. Your hair grows out of your head that way. No one is asking blonde-haired Suzy if she wears her straight hair to work.

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  1. Yes! You wear you hair to work like that! I worked in a bank and I wore my afro! The so called fashion police tried to tell me my hair wasnt “done”. I ignored such comments all the way. Its terrible that till this day most black women consider done hair to be hair in a weave or relaxed.

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