Christmas Wish List: Hair Say Style

Next week is Thanksgiving and then shortly thereafter we’ll be celebrating Christmas. There are no little kids in my immediate family, but we adults enjoy the once a year gift exchange that occurs on Christmas day. I don’t know if anyone likes opening gifts more than my mom. My brother, sister, niece, nephew and I open ours first and then she makes a big show of opening all of hers. Tis her way. This year, there are only two major items on my list. 

One is the Laila Ali Ionic Salon Dryer. This dryer has excellent reviews on and is just what I need for setting my hair at home. 

Picture of a hooded dryer
The dryer comes in purple and black. I’ll take purple please!

Dryer closed

The other big-ticket item I am asking for are Curlformers! I’ve been wanting them for a while, but am breaking down and finally getting them – whether I receive them as a gift or not. With Curlformers and the dryer I may never go to the salon again – except for trims…and twists. 



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