Five Natural Hair Resolutions You Should Have

It is the second day of 2014 and some of you have already broken those resolutions you set only two days ago. I have goals, not resolutions, and hopefully I’ll achieve them this year or at least continue trying and not give up. But what are your hair resolutions for the year? There are some that inherently many of us should have. Natural hair wearers get so caught up in routine and mainteance that they often foresake creativity. If you pick at least two of these resolutions to add to your list, you can fall out of your hair slump.

  1. Try something new. If you are a slave to the wash-and-go, protective styling, or braid outs, start the year off by trying something new. If you love the wash-and-go try updos on your hair between washes. If you love protective styles, try a blowout or work on wearing your hair out more. It needs to breathe.
  2. Invest in a good haircut. The secret to any good hair style is a good foundation, which is an excellent cut. This is just as true for natural curly or kinky hair as it is for relaxed and straight hair. A good cut can take the bulk out and help you get rid of that weighed down look.
  3. Stop doing chemical processes yourself. Stop relaxing your own hair. Stop coloring your own hair. And while you’re at it, every now and then go to the salon for a trim and deep conditioner. Find a good natural hair stylist and have him or her style your twists, knots, and braids. While YouTube has everyone feeling like an expert, the truth is you’re not a cosmotologist. And TLC includes seeking professional expertise.
  4. Stop obsessing over length. No explanation needed.
  5. Wash less, live more. I get it. You love to brag about your wonderful wash-day routine. How it’s just so grueling. How it requires so much time. The thing is, if I’m hearing this sob story more than a few times a month, you’re probably washing your hair more than you even need to. So let it go for an extra day if you must. Put it in a bun. Do a braid out on old, dirty hair. You’d be amazed how much easier your life will be.

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