Product Review: Cibu Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution

Amazing. That’s the word I am officially using to describe Cibu’s Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution. This is the second Cibu product I’ve tried, with the first being the Cibu Spring Roll Hydrating Conditioner. I also liked the conditioner, so I’m not surprised that the smoothing solution is also a quality product.

The last time I visited the salon, my stylist told me my ends were dry and suggested I try this product. It works well on straight or curly hair and my stylist, Lucy, was right, it is very hydrating. After only using it for two weeks I noticed a difference. This is not just a shine solution. I believe it really does improve the health of your hair.

My discovery of this product arrived just in time for the winter dry season and it is added to my hair care regimen. I buy it from my local Bubbles, but you can also purchase online.

Here are the results. Excuse the grainy photo!

Picture of person that has used Cibu products
Longer hair, don’t care. Oso Shimmer Smoothing Solution is amazing.

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