Wait? What? Huh? Disecting the country’s obsession with Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman. Now there’s a man who doesn’t want you talking about him. And by “you,” I mean YOU, Michael Crabtree. But he’s no thug. There is no great black anger lingering behind his eyes. The man won a championship game. He was hype. But a moment of anything is never just that in today’s world of hypersensitivity.

There are plenty of issues we could use to analyze the position and issues of black men in America – the presidency of Barack Obama being the most obvious – but Richard Sherman’s rant is not one of them.

Professional sports are all fun, games, and billion dollar industries until one of the blacks goes off script. When will those jigaboos learn? Right? Sherman, along with his teammate Quarterback Russell Wilson, and Crabtree and Colin Kapernick are just a few of the black men who are come together for the entertainment of thousands of fans each week during football season. Black boys from all walks of life search doggedly for the elusive full ride to four-year colleges on football scholarships, those who make it in to a good school work hard to make it to the draft. Yet, this is how they are rewarded. With constant scrutiny, battered bodies, and often bare bank accounts when it is all said and done.

While the media chooses to focus on Sherman, his teammate Russell Wilson (who seems to be a pretty straight-edge guy) is getting little to no coverage. Focusing on the negative is never a good thing, but you’d never know that by the coverage athletes get. My suggestion is that publications and news bureaus give a little less space and words to Sherman and a little more to how the economy continues to be stagnant and the growing income gap and disappearance of the middle class.

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