Weekend Update: Birthday Edition

I’m 30 ya’ll! I’ve been 30 for four days now and surprisingly the world did not come to a crashing halt, I did not have some crazy tantrum, I just…had a birthday. And a great one at that!

A year ago as I turned 29 I thought, “Next year 30! Oh no!” You see, there were certain things I thought I’d have by 30. A man for one. A kid for two. A fabulous career as an editor for three. I was supposed to be living the life. But alas, that just was not the case. In fact, I can honestly say my 29th year of life was the mundane, sometimes straight-up bad, year of life I’ve had the pleasure of thus far. But trouble don’t last always, or so I hear, and eventually turning 30 was no longer a reminder of what I didn’t have but a sort of other side of 29. And for that I was grateful.

So I decided to celebrate how I wanted to, without regard to anyone else’s input. So I reserved a table for bottle service at Cuba Libre in Washington, DC, for a night of dancing to Latin music and had a friend organize brunch at a venue located on the campus of my alma mater, George Mason University. And I had a great time!

Please note the Hair Say cake! It was declicious!!
Please note the Hair Say cake! It was delicious!!

Then, on my actual birthday, which was on a Wednesday, I enjoyed happy hour with coworkers followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a very nice man. Let’s hope that in my 30s I become truly established in all of the various endeavors I have. Can’t believe I’m saying it, but I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for me.

Beauty breakdown: I wore my hair straight for my birthday, but I am dying to see what it looks like curly with the lighter color so I am washing it today! My dress is from Torrid. Get it here: http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Dresses/Faux+Leather+Peplum+Dress-10023757.jsp

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