Blonde Curls, Owning It

I am still loving my blonde hair, of course. As with any hair style, when wearing your hair different colors the most important factors are confidence and owning the look. I’ve had my hair dyed many times before, rocked braids, twists, intricate cornrows, and even went short for a while.

Your hair is only as great as you feel like it is. If you are doubtful of how good it looks or lack confidence in how the style you are wearing looks, that will shine through make it evident to others that you are not feeling your own look.

blonde curls 2

To boost confidence when trying a new hair style, you should try a test run before you sport a new hairdo out. If you have a Friday after work free, but are meeting up with your girls Sunday for brunch, get your hair done on Friday and wear the hairstyle for a day before debuting it to your adoring friends. If you don’t like what you get done on Friday, don’t worry, you’ll have time to change it on Saturday.

blonde curls 1

Also, wear your new hair style with your favorite outfit and favorite makeup. This allows you to see the hair style as part of the entire package and not as an isolated look. Seeing it with the total package of “you” allows you to admire yourself fully.

Last, OWN IT (as Mack Wilds says).

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