End Therapy

My ends are always a problem. If there was one thing I could change about my hair it would be the ends. They are the part of my hair that cause me the worse problems. Why? Because they get dry! I’ve never had a problem with my hair breaking off (when relaxed or natural, colored or not), but my ends are prone to dryness.

There are different ways to battle dry ends, but the first is to be sure that on wash day you are conditioning all the way down to the ends. Some mistakenly focus most of their attention on the scalp when washing hair, but you have to give some major love to the ends. If not, you can suffer from split ends, breakage, or just dry hair in general. One thing I’ve learned is that you really should seal the ends when wearing your natural curls. By sealing the ends you are sealing moisture in period. I use Murray’s black beeswax to seal my ends. I have to admit I do not always seal them though. Most often it is when I wash and go and allow my hair to air dry that I am most adamant about sealing ends.

To keep my ends healthy otherwise, I get pretty regular trims and also use Dove Nourishing Dry Ends Serum.

When styling, be sure to use hair elastics that are gentle on your hair. I like the ties that are popular now. They are made from thinner material than the average hair elastic and are just as strong. They can be purchased at any Target, Walmart or even dollar store.

Use these hair ties instead of the average hair elastic.
Use these hair ties instead of the average hair elastic.


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