Product Review: LUSH Blousey Shampoo

Here we go again with my love of Lush! I purchased Lush Blousey shampoo not too long after I dyed my hair. Since I am now dealing with color treated hair, I knew that I would need a new shampoo. So began my search. I settled on the Lush Blousey shampoo because I love all things Lush and who does not like the idea of fresh bananas in their shampoo?

On the container, Lush declares Blousey “a gentle non-stripping shampoo for bottled blondes, afro queens, natural hair, damaged and all that’s in between. Preservative-free and chock full of moisturizing bananas and butters.” Well, my hair fits three of those descriptors – bottled blond? Check. Afro queen? Check. Natural hair? Check!

I’ve used the shampoo twice now and the first time I did not like it. I thought it drying my hair out. However, on my second use, I loved it. I used less of it than I did the first time and found it to be very moisturizing. I love the shampoo’s scent as well. After using the shampoo, I deep conditioned with Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie and then blew it out. No flat ironing this time. After using the shampoo my hair is soft and manageable. The shampoo also seems pretty gentle and works to detangle as you wash.

Blousey shampoo picture. A little goes a long way.
A little of this goes a long way, so this container will probably last me forever.

In short, I am going to use this and would consider purchasing this product again. At $25.95 for 8 ounces, the shampoo is definitely not cheap. If you want softer hair though with maximum protection, you may want to invest in this.

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  1. Anne Louise says:

    I just got the Big shampoo recently and also had to get used to it – but I love it now and I find that a little goes a very long way. Maybe I’ll try this one out some time 😀

    1. tashahairsay says:

      Great! I have not tried the Big. I also like the R&B styling cream and the Dirty pomade from Lush.

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