Product Review: Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold and Control Smoother

When I decided to treat myself recently, I went out and got Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold and Control Smoother. I’d heard wonderful reviews of this product and at $22 a pop it really is a “Treat yo self” item.

Honestly, I wish I’d treated myself to something else. This product gives a pretty good hold, but it Macadamia_HoldControlSmoother2.25ozcomes at a price. The price being your sanity when trying to work with your hair the day after using the product. This is because the smoother leaves hair so sticky and hard you have to plan to wash it the day after you use the Smoother. Because of the issues I personally had with the product, I could easily see it actually damaging hair. So, leave it at the store and stick with whatever you already use to slick hair back. I know that is what I am doing. This was really disappointing though, considering that I love the Macadamia heat protecting serum and heat setting foam.

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