Celebrating Lupita’s Beauty

There is a new darling in Hollywood and she’s no Jennifer Aniston. In fact, she’s no Jennifer at all, she’s Lupita. Since the release of “12 Years a Slave,” the world has been enthralled with Lupita Nyong’o. Her breakout role as Patsy in the film propelled her to instant stardom, but her natural beauty and amazing fashion sense gained her instant admiration from designers, editors, bloggers and stylish women the world over.

And now she has been named People Magazine’s most beautiful person in the world. I’m not sure the good editors and writers over at People have actually seen all of the people in the world, but she’s certainly beautiful and in our world, so yay!

Her face alone is striking, her eyes wide and all the better to see her bright future and what is going on around her at every instance.

A giant leap for womankind.
A giant leap for womankind.

Lupita has been vocal about her desire to see women of her darker complexion in the media when she was younger and never seeing any until Alek Wek came along. Now Lupita can do for millions, what Alek Wek did for her and millions of other girls – show and prove that beauty transcend racial and color boundaries, flows from within and radiates outward through luminous skin, confidence and the recognition of one’s own self-worth.

Good job to an American publication for celebrating her beauty (inside and out) and having the courage to put her on the cover.


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