5 Things I Enjoy as a Brown Girl at 30, that I didn’t as a Brown Girl at 20

I have now been 30 for four months. It’s been 10 years since I was 20. A lot happens in the decade between 20 and 30. You finish college. You become old enough to drink legally. Hopefully, you become enlightened.

And somewhere between 20 and 25 you realize you should never have to wonder where your underwear are from the previous night. Somewhere between 25 and 27 you realize you already missed your ideal age of marriage and procreation and honestly believe yourself when you tell others that “It will happen when it happens.” And somewhere between 28 and 29 you stop worrying about babies you don’t have, husbands you don’t have and the stellar career at Essence magazine that just isn’t coming to fruition, look at your friend’s dirty-faced kid and overworked husband and smile. Because you’ve always known deep down that at 25, 26, 27… didn’t nobody have time for that (well, at least you didn’t).

Most of what was great at 20, now makes you cringe at 30. So here’s my list of five things I enjoy at 30, but didn’t so much at 20.

Five Things I Enjoy at 30, but didn’t at 20

  1. My tan in the summer. People who are not brown, spend countless hours TRYING to get darker. What I once saw as an inconvenience (getting a tan) I now like! I look good with a tan! Sun-kissed is alright with me.
  2. Memorial Day, Labor Day, any holiday off. Oh, we do not realize the epic love for Federal holidays until we enter the workforce. Any day off is a day to be celebrated.
  3. Monogamy. What?? We’re all friends here, I’m just being honest.
  4. Friends being on time. When you’re 20 what do you care if your friend is running an hour late to meet to go out on a Friday? Well, now that’s all changed. I care! And I will go to the ends of the earth to be sure that people respect my time.
  5. The Bible. It’s not that I DIDN’T enjoy The Holy Bible at 20, it’s just that I never read it except on Sundays or whenever I went to church. But now I’m wise enough to know it holds all answers to my life questions. Sick of being single? Read 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians.



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