Retaining Moisture is No Simple Fete

How does one retain moisture? That is a great question and one for which I am always hunting for an answer. One thing I have realized over the years is that just like any other hair goal or issue, there is no one way to increase moisture retention that works for everyone. Due to the different textures, porosity and just all around life of each woman’s hair, there is no cure-all. However, there are certain efforts that can be taken regardless of texture of where you are in your natural hair journey that could help with moisture retention.

One of these is to establish a good bed-time hair routine. ALWAYS cover your hair or sleep on a silk pillow slip. Your grandma told you this, your mama told you this and now I am telling you. It really does work to combat dryness, breakage and frizz. Do not use just any silk or satin bonnet or scarf though. Be sure to use silk bonnets that do not dig into hair lines or your “kitchen” as some call the hair in back. The favorite in my family is the one below which you can get for about $3.00 at Sally Beauty Supply or Wal-Mart.

silkbonnetAnother age-old adage that is really true, is to wrap hair or sleep in braids. Do not just let it all hang out as you get your beauty rest. This aids in moisture retention in the same way that protective styling does. Wrapping and braiding protects ends and as a result moisture is sealed in. Your wrap and braids need not be intricate, just do it and be glad that you did in the morning.

Retaining moisture truly starts on wash day though! If your hair is curly, seal ends. I use beeswax to seal mine and when I don’t have the time to do that, use Dove end serum. Using a moisturizing conditioner and deep conditioning at least once a month also works for me.

Other tips, use as little heat as possible and do not wash hair in water that is too hot, as that can also contribute to dryness.

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