The Importance of the $10 Haircut

One of my own hair stylists has asked the question on Facebook recently, is it possible that someone providing a $10 haircut is providing quality services. She also asks how one could feed their families on that.

Well, if you’re working for a chain, the chain is offering $10 haircuts, not the individual stylist. So it is possible that stylist is getting paid by the hour or by some other means than just earning what he or she brings into the shop. Second, yes it is possible to provide a quality haircut for $10. Living in Northern Virginia I spend more to get my hair done than I ever have in my life and I’ve had color, cuts, everything done in other parts of the state with in most cases similar results and paid a fraction of the cost that I pay here.

Now to the real reason $10 haircuts and services that will not take the average person’s entire earnings for a month should exist. Not everyone has the money to go to a great salon with fruit or veggie infused water (or champagne) and pay an inflated price for services. But I do believe every woman is worthy and deserving of professional hair services every now and then. This is why it is necessary that the salon industry offer services at various price points, just as hair products are available at all price points.

Some will respond negatively to this post, shrug, and say “You get what you pay for.” But a good stylists is a good stylists, whether he or she is working at Super Cuts, working out of a basement or has a station in the most revered salon in New York City. If they are knowledgeable and good at their craft, you can get quality services at any price level.

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