Your hair looks like…

Two days into this week and I’d been told that my hair looked like a wig, a plant in my office and drum roll please, Sideshow Bob (how original). Nope, my hair looks like my hair people! I was less offended by being asked if it was a wig than with being told it looks like a plant or Sideshow Bob.

The need to constantly compare comes from either disbelief or ignorance.

When out of disbelief, the proclaimer is more likely to be African-American and/or female. Yes, I have this much hair, yes this is my natural texture, and yes, I’m proud of it. When out of ignorance it is usually someone of another race. To these people, you may never understand my hair. Does it frighten you? If so, that’s your problem, not mine. I will acknowledge there is also a fascination with it that stems from it being the most exotic thing they’ve seen all day, week, month, or even year. It’s really not exotic, so nothing to see here, keep it moving.

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