Berries in my Body

All summer I’ve been eating a lot of berries and my body is reaping the rewards. Berries are an excellent source of all kinds of healthy vitamins and sugars and while I’ve eaten them pretty frequently in summers past, the selection in local grocery stores have been too good to pass up all summer 2014! Thanks to all of the farmers out there!

My skin is great and my waistline has lost a few inches, do to nothing of my own doing but possibly berry eating, increased water intake and my continued obsession (since childhood) with corn on the cob and cucumbers – both of which are summer staples.

So what are the benefits of berries? I’m glad you asked.

Blueberries haven’t always been at the top of my berry list but there must be a surplus because they are often two for one lately and me being the wallet-conscious person I am, will pretty much buy any produce I can tolerate that’s on sale. Blueberries are mainly made of water, so if you’re trying to lose weight, they’re a good bet.

Raspberries are also about 85% water and contain lots of fiber and Vitamin C. They can help in maintaining healthy skin and hair and are definitely the berry I purchase the most. So go for it!

I actually do not buy strawberries that often because they go bad so quickly, but they are also good for weight loss, are a good source of folate (a B vitamin) and therefore can also help maintain healthy hair. Strawberries can also help with eye and heart health.

To learn more about all of these and other berries, click here.


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