Ubiquitous Hair and Health Trade Show Recap

On Saturday, August 23, I had the pleasure of attending the Ubiquitous Hair and Health Trade Show in Washington, DC. The event lasted all weekend long (Saturday and Sunday) and each day was attended by hundreds of women fro near and far with a love of hair, natural beauty and being beautiful women inside and out.

The trade show was brought to live by Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, President and Founder of GBL Sales Inc., a company which specializes in the marketing and sales of health and beauty products in the northeastern and southeastern markets in the United States.

While it may seem that natural hair events are a dime a dozen lately, Ubiquitous was unique because it focused on natural AND relaxed hair. Saturday’s events focused primarily about self-improvement and hair. I sat in on the workshop with Chante Moore promoting her new book “Will I Marry Me?” During the workshop she talked about her three marriages, mistakes she made and forgiving herself and moving forward from a very dark and depressing period of her life. Her frankness and reality-driven conversation were appreciated by all of the ladies in attendance and generated much conversation.

Then there were the bloggers. We bloggers love these events. Products? Check! Lots of stylish ladies to snap pics of? Check! People asking for hair advice? Check!

Then there were the products. This event had some big names vendors – Shea Moisture and Design Essentials held down valuable retail/vending space at the event. ORS, Ambi Skincare and 4 Naturals were sponsors and also had products for sale at the event. Other vendors included Alikay Naturals, Oyin, Aunt Jackie’s, Ossat Naturals, My DNA Natural Hair Products, Karen’s Body Beautiful, and Kuza Naturals and others.

The lovely ladies in this photo are from Alikay Naturals. They were so nice! I purchased the Creme Brulee Curling Custard. Can't wait to try it.
The lovely ladies in this photo are from Alikay Naturals. They were so nice! I purchased the Creme Brulee Curling Custard. Can’t wait to try it.

So I know you’re wondering what I purchased. Aside from the Alikay Naturals curling custard, I also picked up two items from Oyin – one for myself and one for my sister. For myself I got the juices and berries nourishing herbal leave-in tonic. For her I got hair dew daily hair quenching lotion. We will see how both items work out.

My purchases of the day.
My purchases of the day.

Then there were the samples!


It was a really great event and I met some really great people at this event – one of them being Karen Tappin, founder and CEO of Karen’s Body Beautiful. I’ll do a different post to describe that excellent experience! I was starstruck.

The best thing about all of these events is the unity felt among the women who attend. We LOVE each other, each other’s hair, each other’s souls. Everyone is there for something, whether it is to celebrate a day out with their girls or to look for the newest products and trends. Chrisette Michelle performed, Chante Moore was there giving out advice and everyone was just having a great time. This was a great event and I’m telling all of my friends about it so they will be ready for next year!

Just me having a ball!
Just me having a ball!

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  1. kelleemudiva says:

    I enjoyed it as well, I hope that it happens again next year.

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