Movin and Groovin at the 3rd Annual Natural Hair & Body Expo

This weekend I attended the 3rd Annual Natural Hair & Body Expo that Santasha Styles hosted in Dumfries, VA. This was a local vendor-based event and it was great. Attendance was good and setting this event apart from others I have participated in was a live band. So while some people shopped, others decided to dance. Vendors included those selling natural hair and body products, jewelry, essential oils, self-defense mechanisms and baked goods. Another bonus of this event was that along with your raffle tickets for giveaways, you were given a food ticket entitling you to a bagged treat of half a sandwich, bottled water and chips or pretzels. Usually when you go to natural hair events you leave dehydrated and famished, so this was a nice surprise.

Then there was the swag bag. For an event of this size, the swag bags were nice. Look at all of the loot I got!

Goodies from the swag bag! I can't wait to try the Jessiecurl.
Goodies from the swag bag! I can’t wait to try the Jessiecurl.

The swag bag included products from Do Gro, Arbonne, Jessiecurl, Aunt Jessie’s and more. Also included was a hair brush that expands to help detangle. Look for more on that when I try it.

One vendor I was excited to see and learn more about was Lip Maw Ahh. Lip Maw Ahh is a handmade lip care system. My lips are a hot mess in the winter so every bit of help counts and I purchased the entire system which was a steal at $10. The system included the original Lip Maw Ahh chapstick, lip scrub and lotion bar. The lotion bar is the round item here shown in the paper. I can’t wait to try all of it! It has a chocolate scent.


I also purchased some pomegranate whipped shea butter from bNude Essentials.

bnude_sheabutterAll in all it seemed like the event was a success. Santasha Quarles is the founder of Santasha Styles which is a offers natural hair and skin care consultants. To learn more, visit the website.

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