It’s OK to Love Makeup!

I am always told I do not need makeup, and yeah, I will agree with that. My skin is pretty clear and smooth and my face is pretty well-proportioned. Thanks mom and dad! But I still love makeup. Makeup can be an enhancement just as much as it can be a cover-up and corrector. Above all, it allows me to be creative. Not only do I enjoy doing my own makeup, but I enjoy doing my friends’ makeup as well.

My favorite makeup items by far are bronzer, lipstick and eye liner. Eye liner and lipstick go a long way. Applied correctly, the two can make a woman look like she has on a face full of makeup. So, show off your face, give it some enhancement if you want.

You should always ensure that your face is clean before applying makeup and if necessary use primer. My favorite makeup trick now is contouring. I’m not quite as good as Kim K’s makeup artist at contouring, but I’m getting there. Also, I think that with practice on others, I could be pretty good at it. I use MAC Extra Dimension Highlighter.

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