Benefits of Avocado Oil on Natural Hair

More and more women are using avocado oil on their natural hair. Some may say, “Another day, another oil,” but the benefits of avocado oil are proven and effective. So what are its benefits? It is an excellent moisturizer for dry, damaged hair and contains vitamins A, B, D, and E.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and you may often see it listed as retinol on product labels. It helps produce sebum, an oily substance your scalp naturally produces that can help keep hair from drying out and breaking off.

Vitamin E helps blood circulation which can aid in new hair growth.

If you are experiencing hair loss you may have a Vitamin D deficiency. Salmon, milk and orange juice are all items you can consume that contain a good amount of Vitamin D.

The B Vitamin most people are familiar with is B12. B12 deficiencies can lead to stunted hair growth. Another B Vitamin of importance is B7. Not familiar? Maybe you’re more familiar with what is is more commonly called – Biotin. Biotin deficiencies can lead to thinner hair, hair loss and breakage. While you will hear some naturals swear by Biotin, it is important to remember that you yourself probably cannot diagnose a true deficiency in your body. But your doctor can, so you can always check in with your doctor or dermatologist if you are experiencing something specific.

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