Curly vs. Natural – Stop the Madness

There is a population of bloggers and other natural hair enthusiasts who every now and then make the distinction between curly-haired naturals and naturals with more kinky hair texture with less definition. In this distinction the 4b, 4c set always gets called “natural,” while naturally curly-haired sisters such as myself are simply dismissed as curly.

The problem with this distinction is that there are plenty of 3b, 3c, 4a, and combination curlies who were once getting relaxers and now are not. By definition being natural is not altering the natural state of your hair via chemical usage. Therefore, regardless of texture natural is natural. Some hair is naturally curly, some is naturally straight, some heads naturally contain a combination of textures.

So this is a call to stop the madness. We’re all in this wild world of trying to perfect the bantu knot out together! We’re all aspiring to higher level of beauty that radiates from the inside out with products free of chemicals, healthier eating and lifestyles and we are seeing that it works.

Throwback Thursday to all of these lovely ladies.
Throwback Thursday to all of these lovely ladies.

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  1. mycurltokeep says:

    I appreciate this post. Thank you.

    1. tashahairsay says:

      I am glad you liked the post and get what I am trying to say here! 🙂

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